Ring of Reversal

A slippery ring found on Vanrak’s middle finger, you forget having put it on moments after donning it.

When equipped, friendly creatures in burst 20 are under the following effect:

  • All Encounter and Daily powers requiring an attack roll gain a new type: “Pseudo-reliable”.


  • Choose one guaranteed target of the attack (i.e., a target that will be a target of the attack regardless of whether any attack roll hits or misses).
  • The first attack roll made is for that target, regardless of whether there is logical temporal ordering (as exists with, e.g., some sword mage attacks).
  • If the attacker misses that target, then they may choose to utter one of many colorful command words that reverses time and prevents the power from being expended.
  • If the player chooses to reverse time, then the flow of time reverses until reaching the point at which the character started the attack. The attack action is spent recovering from deja vu, but the power is not.
  • If a power has both “Reliable” and “Pseudo-reliable” types, then the character was prepared for failure. They may instead choose to re-roll the missed attack immediately, and hit or miss, the attack proceeds as normal.

Ring of Reversal

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