Epic Items

So much loot, so little time.


Found Artifacts

The party has found some artifacts that can alter the usual rules of play.

Card Pouches

The party has 4 pouches designed to hold cards of the Deck of Many Things. These pouches dampen the influence of the cards contained therein; each also contains a back door installed by Kavi for his own purposes.

Capacities: 2 (Kavi), 4 (Verde), 10 (King Oris), and 2 (Aeriarthia).

Paper Body Bag of Holding

This innocent-looking brown paper bag was created in dire times by the party in Moonbane Prison (see Aurum Maximus). Only slightly roomier on the inside than the outside suggests, this invertible bag contains room for at most two medium creatures. Amenities include aesthetics that would make a 10-year-old artist proud (and a 20-year-old cringe), such as a potted-plant zen garden and wall finger paintings. Functionality is better than appearance, though, and features accelerated healing (4 hours to extended rest), climate control, and 99% weight reduction. Telepathic “notes” may be passed between the holder and occupants; when not held (and only when not held), occupants can exit of their own volition.


Epic Items

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