Deck of Many Things

Anyone want to play a card game?


Rumors fly about the power of the legendary Deck of Many Things. Some scholars believe they have worked out exactly what happens on each card drawn… but many believe the Deck has a mind of its own, and is not so easily understood.


Currently possessed by the party:
– Void
– Donjon
– Flame
– Key
– Gem
– Moon
– Idiot
– Fool
– Euryale
– Sword (from Neverember)
– Strength (from Neverember)
– Wizard (from Blackstaff)
– Vizier (from Blackstaff)
– Wolf (from Thorn, Kavi’s mother)
– Throne (from Queen Ellesime)

Known locations:

  • The Cards have indicated:
    • Shar possesses of at least one.
  • Lady Alathene Moonstar indicated:
    • The Blackstaff possesses at least one.
    • Her wordplay indicated Alathene herself may have more.

Use chronology:
– Void/Donjon combo: Opened rips in Moonbane Prison cells (Shar’s personal prison in the Shadowfell).
– Flame: Kavi drew exclusive (and near-lethal) aggro from Asmodeus.
– Void: Used in the creation of the Paper Body Bag of Holding (Epic Items).
– Key: Unlocked Liera’s cell.
– Void/Donjon combo: Opened a portal beneath an Illithid in Moonbane prison to put it in Liera’s old cell, then create a vacuum and never-ending portal loop.
- Gem: Created a brobdingnagian monstrosity of a palace for Ixzy and Grax.
- Fool/Flame combo: Caused a Masked Lord to vote exactly the opposite of his conscience.
- Moon card: Attempted to expose Doppleganger.
- Euryale (multiple uses): stoning dopplegangers & Neverember.
- Void: Uh… storage container… for statues. Yeah.
- Idiot (multiple uses): Making Lord Neverember be stupid (he didn’t need much help).
- Key: Locked twin doors exiting Council Circle in Waterdeep.
- Moon: To conceal Kavi’s shapeshifting in Tethyr.
- Vizier: For Oris to ask 3 questions about Tree of Life Fruit.
- Fool: For Aeriarthia to attempt to fool Ellesime. It failed – she’s no fool.

Deck of Many Things

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