The Backstory - Ye Olde Paragon Days

It’s been a long journey! The Paragon adventures started approximately July 2013.


Basically, the party went to a tournament, realized it was designed to get sacrifices to fuel a dark ritual, found out about dracoliches from planatars, declined deal with and insulted Bane’s fiends, went to find their phylacteries, traveled to Zhentil Keep, got into a pirate bar fight, evaded Billy the Beholder, tamed and freed the Earthmote’s anchor chain, infiltrated the Keep, knocked out and tormented a librarian, got the tower password from a bloodthirsty book, killed the Keep’s apparent ruler at the top of the tower, got two dragon-scale phylacteries, took over the Keep by killing themselves (or killing their alter egos) in the Mirror of Judgement (acquiring mirror tattoos on their asses as a result, the meaning of which the characters have not deciphered), traveled back to do battle with the dracoliches, and temporarily killed the lich behind the plan (Inky), purified the phylacteries and freed the now-resurrected dragons by replacing the two geas’d scales in each dragon, took a job in Waterdeep to track down Vanrak, acquired Vanrakian paraphernalia, a capable informant, and a seasoned commander, acquired a Waterdavian lair and opened a portal it to the Keep, returned to their Keep, accidentally killed some noob recruits figuring the lich had taken back the Keep, discovered the lich hadn’t – yet there was unnatural shadow about, determined the accountant was in love with the librarian and trying to slip in expenditures, blew the librarian’s mind by burning ancient library records to ash, realized the keep was under siege from shadow creatures, killed said shadow creatures, found a baby Red Dragon’s lair in the Earthmote and messed with its mind by moving its baby horde, found the large magic crystal that seems to contribute to the the Earthmote’s floatiness, went down a garbage shoot and gummy-beared an enormous gelatinous cube, found Earth golem lovebirds that need more space and provided it to them in exchange for help, confronted Inky, were wowed by his library and realized they don’t have as much moral high ground on him as they once thought, decided to go after Vanrak to stop the shadow invasion, acquired a Shadow dragon and dispatched of Vanrak, and acquired some interesting loots….

New NewCastle Castle

The Tangled Tournament

The journey started with an invitation to a tournament at New NewCastle Castle. This strange unknown castle found northeast of Baldur’s Gate among the Fields of the Dead was a mix of old and new construction. The oddities abounded. No farms or settlements surrounded the place, some people were flashing signs to one another, a crowd that cheered for blood, people KO’d were taken to the inn for treatment yet weren’t there, and the castle had ancient banners flying.

The party fought and won the tournament, but noticed Farmer John’s Hoes being led by soldiers to the Inn. The blood-soaked ceiling suggested something was wrong, and the party interceded, saving Farmer John (but sadly, not his Hoes). Recognizing the Cult of the Dragon symbol on the fallen soldiers, the party investigated the castle to which dead and wounded were being carted, and after careful examination found the castle to be an illusion – it was really a cave under a hill.

The Twisted Tunnels

… Detailed backstory to be completed… help is welcome…

The Backstory - Ye Olde Paragon Days

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