Lady Alathene Moonstar

I'm not a crystal statue, dammit!


This archlich-turned-Crystal Statue was “rescued” from the Gates of the Moon dominion of the Astral Sea. She has her own library/laboratory called the Vault of the Stars in a small village there.

Moon Rising (WATE3-1), Appendix D

Lady Alathene, formerly an archlich, was transformed by the Spellplague into a crystal statue. Both she and the Vault
of the Stars were shifted to the Gates of the Moon.
Old and beautiful before the change, she still has the regal air of a centuries-old aristocrat.
• The first temple of Selûne in Waterdeep, known as the High House of the Stars, was destroyed in 1182.
• Lady Alathene’s brother, Lord Vanrak Moonstar, and his Sharran allies caused the destruction.
• Lady Alathene was consumed by the hunt for her brother vowing not to rest until he pays for his crimes.
• The Vault of the Stars occupied a lower basement area of the High House of the Stars that was not destroyed in
the original attack. Over the years she transformed it into an arcane lab and library. She retained rooms in The
Blushing Mermaid a large inn and festhall in the Dock Ward of Waterdeep
• In her current state she does not have full access to her former powers and as such cannot directly confront
• She is still consumed with the need to see Vanrak defeated.


Lady Alathene Moonstar

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