Inky! (Link 'n Quill)

*sigh* Fine, we can be... friends.


Inky’s plot to raise the Cult of the Dragon to greatness was foiled… until the party decided to do it for him.

Looking pretty damn good for a ~2000-year-old lich, “Inky” has literally written the book on numerous topics, many of them taboo. He is tall, dark, and has yet to offer a genuine smile. Inky seems pragmatic, ambitious, and above all, patient.

Inky also has the most extensive and cavernous library you have ever seen, nestled in the center of the Zhentil Keep earthmote. In addition to books that resist physical contact (always keeping just away from your fingers), it also features an extensive collection of quills of all sorts, one of which is suspected of being Inky’s phylactery.

The party originally defeated Inky in the Dracolich battle in the bowels of the new New Castle castle. They subsequently forged an alliance with him at Zhentil Keep when he made the party realize they did not have nearly as much moral high ground as they thought they did.


Inky! (Link 'n Quill)

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