Keys to the Kingdoms

Where'd Liera go?

Inky appeared after Vanrak ate it, and after extensive negotiations, Inky and the party negotiated the following deal:

  • Do what we can to kill Vecna. Inky will help & direct.
  • Inky gets most of Vecna’s power.
    • The party negotiated this to 80% Inky/20% party.
  • We keep what else we find, though not the eye/hand.
  • Inky manages the Reborn Cult of the Dragon in our absence
    • “Moral” management practices: no slavery, no child labor, a livable wage
    • Profits go to the Cult fund
    • Inky shall attempt recruitment of the Gold (Ixzi…) and Silver (Grax…) dragons, luring with:
      • Baby Red Dragon rescue opportunity
      • Shadow Dragon mentorship opportunity
      • Cult Leadership Opportunity
      • Generous Benefits Package
    • Disputes between Inky and Dragons are referred to party via Extra-planar Sending. Party has 24 hour grace period before Inky makes the call.
  • And Inky is friends with Verde

The party also learned that Inky has a contract with Gill the Beholder at a much better rate than Billy came for. Inky asked the party to infiltrate the Masked Lords of Waterdeep, as they hold an item Inky requires.

While we were negotiating that deal, Liera was looking at Vanrak’s body for loose change, and came across the cards of “Void” and “Dungeon” from the Deck of Many Things, and promptly vanished.

The Cards remained; Verde picked them up. They started whispering to her, so Verde created (with Kavi’s assistance) a magic pouch for the deck that’s “mostly thief-proof” (likely with a back-door for Kavi), element-proof, and has room for 2 cards. This could be improved with time and effort.

The party almost unwittingly took ownership of the 50-floor fortress when Vanrak’s goons showed up, frightened and ashamed of his death.

After wrapping up negotiations with Inky, we sought to find out where Liera was. Through a ritual from her blood, the group determined that she was in a jail run by Shar in Shar’s home area of the Shadowfell. Gwendolyn (a twin of the Cult’s librarian) pointed Verde to the right library location, and taking one for the team with some SAN loss, read up on the evilness that is Moonbane prison.

We traveled to the jail via ritual and talked our way in as important Shar worshipers in need of Tiefling sacrificial victims, and were trying to figure out how to break Liera out, were we able to even find her. The party also stumbled upon Sap the Dryad, and has not yet found a way to free her.

The session ended with our finding Liera in a “therapy” session, with us alerting the “therapist” to our presence.


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