Keys to the Kingdoms

The Fall of Tethyr

Shoot first. Questions can wait.

An excerpt from Volo’s Standard Histories of Faerun, Volume 24 (DR1502):

…Following the liberation of Waterdeep, King Oris Lathander the Dragonrider and his Planatar Guard continued carving a path of light from Waterdeep into the lands of Tethyr. Arriving mounted atop gold and silver dragons under a banner of righteousness pulled by a baby brass dragon, the party descended upon the nest of wickedness of Tethyr’s Suldanessalar and its conniving ruler, Queen Ellesime. She was well-known for usurping the rule of a good man whose name and lineage has been lost in the sands of time.

Under the magnificent, never-ending boughs of the Tree of Life, the evil Queen had foolishly bound her life force to the Tree. Swooping in from the sky, the dragons unleashed horrible vengeance upon the Queen, destroying the throne room where she once sat – all while healing the wounded Tree. And so ended the illegitimate reign of Ellesime, and thus began the righteous reign of Amaunator in Tethyr.

An excerpt from The Secret Inky Diaries, Volume 2,230 (DR 1489):

The fools. Did they not consider the danger? Did they think themselves invincible? Were it not for Kavi’s lucky strike that removed “Queen” Ellesime from her well-protected throne, the party would likely be either a mound of flesh with glowing arrows out of their back or perhaps back here with their tails between their legs. They didn’t even attempt to converse with Ellesime! Aeriarthea tried to take her for a fool… but she’s no fool. Perhaps one day someone will have to be resurrected and they’ll remember they’re still mortal. I can’t help but wonder what they’ll do now that they allowed Ellesime to escape through her contingency portal. At least Verde and Oris were bright enough to knock out the entry guards first.

Curious. My friend Verde pledged to obtain a fruit from the tree of life. I cannot help but wonder whose unlucky soul she’ll pick? At least the Tree despite their healing touch didn’t seem inclined to reveal the precise location of my own fruit – I should pick it myself, sometime.

How sweet that Kavi and his mother Thorn finally reunited. I must research what compelled her to return to him after being away so long.

Oh, and I need to remember to send someone to rig the advertising banner up to the baby Red…


  • The party has found one Rare item each.
    • Kavi has the option of this character-specific Rare item: Locket (Neck Slot), +5 (upgradable to +6 for standard cost), standard neck slot bonuses plus Daily Aura 3, 15 radiant damage at start of turn.
  • Queen Elesime has escaped through a portal from her Throne Room.
  • The Tree of Life has been healed of its acute wounds, but its full recovery will take a century.
    • The Tree is on guarded speaking terms with the party.
    • King Oris found out that licking Tree of Life fruit will make your tongue glow, and that by eating a fruit “you will gain something and lose something very valuable” (per the Vizier card).
  • King Oris and Verde are working on their secret language. They currently have a 1/10 chance of fully understanding each other.
  • Kavi stole:
    • Xenophobia from guards
    • Will to Rule from Queen’s administrator
    • ½ of Queen Elesime’s wisdom of ruling.
  • The party translated ancient runes on the Dark Lantern.
    • It says: “Please do not disturb my slumber.”


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