Keys to the Kingdoms

Group Therapy

Who wants popcorn?

Liera’s “therapist”, a shadow mindflayer that the party disturbed at the end of the last session, seemed to accept the party as clergy of Shar. That is, until the party decided to kill him. Once hostilities commenced, the mindflayer invoked induced horrific delusions on the party members. These included:

  • Verde was a pixie dolphin.
  • Queen Oris… well, you get the picture.
  • Kavi was a penguin.
  • Shanra … evaded the spell? Crap.

Worse, the characters saw creatures of their worst nightmare, illusions created by the mindflayer:

  • Kavi saw walking slimemolds
  • Verde saw cloudy gelatinous cubes
  • Queen Oris saw Medium lobsters
  • Shanra saw carnival workers with disturbing juggling pins.

These [de|il]usions passed once the mindflayer was slain. The party realized that the mindflayer was one of the two secretaries from the lobby, and Verde understood that its holy symbol is one of a two-key lock system for the rooms.

Liera was sitting on a psychic interrogation table, and everyone but Shanra decided to go in for a look. Liera’s mind was a scary carnivalground, and the party soon ran into a very young tiefling that looked just like Liera. The child seemed disoriented and confused, but every piece of information about herself seemed to help her grow up a bit more. Lessons learned: take wine over popcorn, give the appearance of thanks, it’s not nice to steal, and don’t destroy someone for taking your corn dog.

The party then provided Liera with some sketchy moral guidance when presented with various dilemmas from the vantage of a spinning merry-go-round whose “horsies” were apparently statues of angels and devils. There was:

  • The “protect the kid or take power?” problem (protect the kid and then take the loot).
  • The “protect another adult or die yourself?” problem (don’t die yourself tops the priority list).
  • The “is it okay to kill X?” game (mostly depends on if they’re doing harm, if they’re potentially useful, and/or if they’re more powerful than you).
    Ultimately, Verde told Liera to use herself as a moral compass.

Looking more like herself all the time, Liera playfully suggested the party go visit a playmate of hers… Asmodeus.


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