You’ve got the power!

Epic – it’s finally here. Your characters have known for a long time that they’re epic, and the world seems to finally be catching on. No enemy has yet successfully challenged your will, no trap proven too devious, no god too interested. You’ve got the power…

So… now what?

What happened?

See The Backstory – Ye Olde Paragon Days.

Party Portals

  • Waterdeep Base
  • Cult of the Dragon Earthmote
  • Vanrakdoom Temple

Campaign Philosophy

This campaign is strongly driven by the characters’ dreams and goals. Each character should have a goal they wish to achieve as part of the campaign. (I.e., when is this character’s story “done”?) These goals directly impact the campaign.

Sessions tend to be roleplay-heavy with some sessions having no combat. I want everyone to have a good time and I DM with that goal in mind. Creativity is treasured. Adversaries may do unexpected things; your characters can, too.

This is effectively a homebrew campaign. Rules are LFR (DnD4e) tweaked to my heart’s content. See House Rules.

Got suggestions? Maybe a session doesn’t result in you having fluffy-bunny fun because of a problem with my rulings or style? Feel free to talk to me about it — I’m friendly. : )

Keys to the Kingdoms

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